Company Model

Focusing on results-based interventions that are linked to the organization's strategic plan, Gene Fusch and Associates provides highly skilled professionals that assist organizations with their human performance and learning solutions.  From coaching executive management to working with the first-line management and the shop floor workers, we can help create a workplace environment that fosters continual performance improvement.  

We employ our expertise in a human performance improvement model that includes performance analysis and gap analysis; intervention selection, development, and implementation; and evaluation and return-on-investment strategies.  Indeed, after utilizing scientific methods to identify and find the best intervention to reduce a performance gap, we help companies find the best organization for the job.   This may involve having our associates provide train-the-trainer workshops to use the company’s internal expertise; having our associates provide training on communication and problem-solving techniques, change management, leadership skills, and specific organizational needs; or helping companies find the vender with the best expertise to provide the needed intervention. 

Whether you are seeking strategies to improve your bottom line, pursuing ISO-9000 certification or the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, or working to reduce barriers between labor and management, contact us to see how we may help you develop a workplace culture that focuses on end-results and continual improvement.